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See you in Taipei next year!

IPI World Congress 2011

24 - 27 September

Dear Friends,

Although we have barely finished our World Congress activities in Vienna and Bratislava, our eyes at the International Press Institute offices in Vienna are already turned toward the East.

We are excited to announce that next year the International Press Institute will hold its IPI World Congress and 60th General Assembly on the magical island of Taiwan. A thriving cultural centre with a growing global technology presence, Taipei, Taiwan’s capital, will play host to our members and friends from 24 to 27 September 2011.

We are currently planning what promises to be an informative and culturally stimulating programme in Taipei with our media and government partners. So, if your goal is to find the newest media technology on the market, to network with media professionals from around the world, and to engage in relevant topics that impact how and where you do your job, be one of the first to sign up now at significant savings.

You won’t want to miss IPI World Congress 2011 in Taipei!

Alison Bethel McKenzie
Acting Director
International Press Institute

Dear Members and Friends,

Eleven years ago, Taiwan successfully hosted the 1999 IPI World Congress and 48th General Assembly in Taipei.

Since then, Taiwan has progressed tremendously in many respects. We have undergone peaceful transfer of power twice trough transparent and fair democratic elections. Taiwan has 270 billion US dollars in foreign reserves, the world’s 5th largest. Taiwan also is ranked 15th in “technological readiness “out of 131 countries in the world. Meanwhile, Taiwan still preserves the best of Chinese culture and arts.

The Republic of China (Taiwan) Chapter is very honoured to once again host the IPI World Congress and 60th General Assembly. The timing could not be better; we are celebrating the ROC`s centennial birthday in 2011. There will be countless spectacular events and colourful festivals attracting participants from all over the world.

The 2011 IPI World Congress will be an event you should not miss. We invite you to come and share the joy with us, to experience this island of wonders, to learn about our latest media technologies, and to gain a more comprehensive understanding of Taiwan, East Asia and the Pacific region as a whole.

We look forward to welcoming you to Taipei.

Duncan Wang
IPI Republic of China (Taiwan) Chapter

2011 Host Committee

Side gallery photos provided by Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation & Communications, R.O.C.